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In the last 40 years, Multivesco has gone through several phases of growth and successes to become the company it is today.  We have proven our integrity and demonstrated our global real estate solutions with effective, custom made and profitable venues.

Communication and collaboration

Multivesco has always favored being proactively involved in all its projects and in developing close knit relationships with its customers and partners in order to perfectly meet expectations.

We wish to participate in the growth and development of regions in which our assets are geographically situated - the Outaouais region being the cradle of our company -, by rooting ourselves in the community and in the business world, so we can improve and better our offer regarding our global real estate solutions.


A rolling stone gathers no moss!

Meeting our commitments, favoring positive customer relationships and valuing the essential contribution of all the members of our team, we are creating the ability to adapt and be open to others.

Times change, needs evolve, and our capacity to adapt is the basis on which we forge our credibility, our reputation, create long lasting relationships as well as grow our expertise to be able to offer our clients a complete and flawless real estate experience.

For Multivesco, being able to adapt means finding Solutions!


Building something solid!

Pride, integrity, rigour, professionalism, respect of others and loyalty are the foundation of our success and the cornerstone around which all our real estate solutions are based on.

Whether you are a private or public, small or medium size business, whether you are looking to redevelop an existing building or build one according to your specific standards and needs, making your commercial space more technological as well as meeting your Eco energy orientation, we are tuned into your needs.  We know how to adapt ourselves to be able to satisfy and actively contribute to the evolution of your business.


Optimal environment

As a real estate developer, our objective is to make sure that you will have the optimal work surroundings which we know will play a major role in the blossoming of your company and employees.

Whether it is the location, the technological tools, the rental of commercial spaces, building management, a custom-made redevelopment, or plans for a new construction project for rental purposes, we leave nothing to chance when it comes to your success.

You are the athlete preparing for a major competition, and we are the team behind you providing the optimal environment for you to perform at your best, whatever your needs are!


Custom-made solutions

Controlling and managing the needs and resources in connection with real estate development in order to obtain and offer the ideal business environment which optimizes reaching your companies’ full potential and goals.  That is our way of building a solid trust with our clients and assuring their total satisfaction.

When we commit to a construction project with renting purposes, the redevelopment of an existing space, or when we rent a commercial venue, we know that we have both internal and external resources to reach the goals that have been set.

We go over and above to be creative and effective by proposing custom-made solutions and being able to satisfy unusual and specific needs and requirements.

Attention to needs, financial solidity, integrity, control of all parameters, reliable partners, diversified experience and modernism are a few main elements that define our approach towards global real estate solutions.

Camille Villeneuve, D.U. Chairman of the Board

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Bernard Raymond, CPA-C.A. President, CEO

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Pierre Villeneuve VP Construction

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François Juneau, M.A. C.F.P, Adm.A., PI.Fin. CEO

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Jacques St-Jean Vice-President, Property Management

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