Bernard Raymond


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Bernard Raymond, is recognized as a leader in modern management, whose business decisions aim at assuring the long-term development of the company, the self-fulfillment of its members as well as the total satisfaction of all his customers.

His open approach to management makes him a leader who lives by his decisions and longs to build an harmonious relationship through an informed consensus that favors and promotes a sense of belonging at Multivesco.


As a leader, Bernard Raymond insures the continuity and the growth of the company by promoting its mission, values and philosophy, as well as enabling the personal development of Multivesco's team.

His sound guidance, active listening skills and clear directives offer an optimal context of coaching to all team members, and ultimately allows them to maintain the quality of service for which Multivesco has stood for since its creation, almost 40 years ago. 


Having an inexhaustible passion for real estate, Bernard Raymond, during his 30 years with Multivesco, has widely contributed in creating and polishing its identity.  Establishing a budgetary control system, the acquisition of several million square footage of real estate assets as well as the longevity of Multivesco are the tangible proof of his expertise, as well as the confirmation of positive leadership.

Our team

Tenants appreciate our intervention based management methods as well as the interest expressed by members of our team to the success of each project.

Our personnel

The Multivesco maintenance team visits on a regular basis the properties to ensure that all the active assets are kept in the agreed condition.

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