Building Management

Near our assets


Our first concern being our client’s satisfaction, it was unthinkable for us to leave the management of our buildings to a third party.  Our Building management division was created specifically to watch over every customer to ensure they have the advantage of an ideal venue to assure the growth of their company.

Our Building management division’s main objective not being the profitability, we can focus on optimising the common areas and the renting of office spaces, in order to offer the perfect work environment, therefore assuring full satisfaction.

Why a Building management division?


For Multivesco, proximity is the key to efficiency and superior customer service.  In other words, being in direct contact with our customers and their working environment, we are able to offer prompt and effective solutions to any problem that may occur.

Being easily accessible (24/7) and looking for any aspect that can be improved as well as the preservation and maintenance of the buildings in which our commercial renting spaces are situated are our priority.  This means being near and actively supporting our customers in all those aspects.

Preventive Maintenance Program


Buildings are not self-sufficient infrastructures. Left to themselves, their smooth running will be negatively impaired.  That is why our Building mechanic experts have the necessary training to compose with the complexity of the mechanical, electrical and computerized systems which assure the smooth running of the common areas and the commercial spaces as well as implementing and applying our Preventive maintenance program.

A regular follow up of all assets and making sure that the commercial spaces are up to expectations, according to us, that is the best way to take care of you!

Our team

Tenants appreciate our intervention based management methods as well as the interest expressed by members of our team to the success of each project.

Our personnel

The Multivesco maintenance team visits on a regular basis the properties to ensure that all the active assets are kept in the agreed condition.

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